Grupo hin mag sarangkay ha Baranggay 59 Picas, nanhahatag hin snack ha kabataan ngan kalagsan kada adlaw!

A group of friends in Barangay 59 Picas have been providing daily snacks to their elderly and children since day 1 of the community quarantine. Mga kuha ini ni Ana Rose Go nga igin padarar ha amon page.

Youth volunteers of Picas in Sagkahan mobilizes to prepare meals for the elderly and children of their coummnity everyday since the first day of the lockdown.

They have different sponsors everyday, from people overseas, political individuals, and more often, just people with good hearts.

It is worth noticing that they still observe social distancing and are wearing masks to stay protected from the COVID-19 at all times.

An elderly woman waits as the volunteer scoops soup into her mug.

According to Anna Rose Go, they are just a group of people who lost their jobs due to the pandemic. They have decided to do something productive to help their community hence the daily feeding program.

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  1. Padayon la kamu mga brod biskan damu nag bash ha iyo... Pag bulig la man it iyo purpose dre man karaot.. Good job and i love you guys..